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Our Story:
 I miss the old days. I miss the days of small, focused classes with talented and inspired people. All sharing a common love and passion for bodywork. Challenging the status quo  and pushing the limits of each others growth. After 14 years of teaching massage in schools and witnessing the decline of massage education I felt it was time to go back to what made me excited about massage therapy and frankly... a skilled therapist. Quality education opportunities taught by qualified, passionate teachers..... for the betterment of massage, not business. So here we are. 
Ralph Stephens of  "Massage Today" addresses it in his column:
By Ralph Stephens, Columnist for Massage Today
 The February issue of this fine publication (Massage Today) featured a most disturbing poll. Over 55% of the respondents felt they received fair or poor training from the massage school they attended. Less than 30% felt their training was excellent. (Editor's note: See "How would you rate the training you received at your massage school?" in the Massage poll archives, available at www.massage poll/01archive/12_01.php.) This is a disgrace. It should be an embarrassment to everyone in this profession. 

There was a time when experienced, successful therapists with good communication skills felt the need to open massage schools, to pass along what they had learned and to grow the profession. At that time, the typical students were in their mid-20s or older, usually with some postsecondary education, and were switching careers. They had somehow discovered massage and had a burning passion to learn the profession. Seventeen years ago, there were about 50 massage schools in the entire country. Virtually all of them were good programs with experienced instructors.

Times have changed. Now massage schools are being opened by opportunists trying to "catch the wave." Sadly, the instructors in many programs are therapists that are so unsuccessful in their private practice that they are willing to work for $12-$15 per hour teaching, not because they want to or because they are good communicators/teachers/examples, but because they have to in order to pay their rent. Thus, the failures are training the future therapists in many cases. Yes, good schools are being opened, unfortunately at a ratio of about one good school to five poor ones. If this continues for too long, we will drown in mediocrity.

"Schools are just buildings and businesses that push paper around for money. They don't educate. Great schools are great because of their instructors (which are sometimes the owners), and they usually degrade if they lose those instructors, or expand beyond their qualified instructor base.

"Teachers make or break a profession. They actually influence strongly the entire profession's practice methods from technical skills to ethics. They also influence the demands that the profession places on the educational system, which supplies future professionals. If they are minimally qualified, they will project an attitude that minimal qualifications are all that is necessary."


The Advanced Massage Training Clinic offers high level training in our classes and skilled therapist in our clinic. We offer seminars and CEUs as well. Committed to the rebirth of New Orleans and it's massage community.
Louisiana owned and operated. ~peter

Peter Fuller is approved by the NCBTMB as a continuing education Approved Provider.

Peter Fuller, LMT Instructor, Owner
Sheila Theriot, LMT Director, Owner


AMTC offers classes in:

  • Medical Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Hands On Palpation
  • NMT
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Muscle Testing
  • Movement modalities
  • Spiral Diagonal Stretching
  • Deep Tissue
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